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As a working professional, your schedule rapidly changes with business demands, and you definitely don’t have the time and energy to spare for homework. That is why you need a language coach. Rather than following a rigid curriculum, I offer easy, practical, and entertaining classes in English. These classes are tailored to your situation and skill level, and you will see immediately usable results even after a single lesson.

Proven Teaching Method, Rapid Results. To make sure that you get the most efficient gains, I combine a time-proven teaching method combined with 8 years of refinement as well as on-the-spot adaptation. Using my approach, students are able to achieve significantly faster results than with conventional methods.

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I came to Jonie because I was filming a movie in Hong Kong and needed to learn some basic language skills, and she helped me learn much more Cantonese in a short amount of time than I had expected. She is very kind and very patient. She is a very good teacher (and btw a certified hypnotist!), highly recommended! Thank you for your help, Jonie.

李淳 Mason Lee

I have been attending Jonie’s classes for 3 months and have been able to progress quickly from absolute beginner to simple conversational level. The course material has been extremely practically useful and geared towards making rapid progress in spoken Cantonese, which has been helpful in quickly attaining a level of ‘survival Cantonese” and also in providing an excellent foundation for those who wish to progress towards higher levels of fluency. Jonie is a diligent and enthusiastic instructor, with ample experience who makes every effort to create an engaging course which is tailored to meet her student’s specific needs and abilities.


Jonie is a very patient teacher who makes s difficult language fun and entertaining. I have learnt more in 6 months of classes with her than I did from 14 years of living in HK !!


My wife and I have enjoyed our first 9 months of Cantonese lessons with Jonie. Her lessons are hands on, well structured and include sufficient variety. We would recommend her to anyone who wants to learn Cantonese.


Jonie has been a kind and patient teacher who has created lessons that are fun and focused on relevant conversational Cantonese.  In 6 months, the language and culture of Hong Kong has been opened up for me by her tutoring.


I have studied several languages and had many teachers. Jonie’s style of teaching ranks with the very best I have experienced and with her help I have been able to attain a level of proficiency in 1.5 years where I can confidently communicate in most situations. I would strongly recommend Jonie as a teacher to any student of Cantonese!


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